B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Event, Sydney 2021

B2B Markeing Leaders Forum is APAC’s largest B2B marketing conference focused on revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement!

As the official Global B2B Agency Partner, Just Globals, James O’Flaherty (Managing Director, APAC) will be the Master of Ceremonies for the second day of the in person event, introducing each speaker, as well as hosting a panel of industry IT/ Software Marketing specialists at the end of the day, “Make Content Less Boring. How Humans are needed in Marketing.” 

Be sure to purchase your tickets to the first in-person B2B conference back in APAC. You will hear from many industry specialists as well as Just Global experts over two days, May 26th – 27th. 

Making Content Count - Meet the Panelists

Katie Finlayson (Head of Marketing, APAC)

In the height of the pandemic many companies had to diversify themselves and become forward thinking, coming up with new and exciting ways to entice their audience into listening and hearing what they have the say. 

Hear from Katie Finlayson about how Proofpoint created an award winning podcast series, with the help of Just Global, educating businesses and individuals on the dangers of being hacked and how to prevent it, as well as how the obstacles due to covid were overcome along the way. 

Kelly Ryan (Director, Head of Marketing and Comms)

Marketing is no longer about making things look pretty and landing the sale. Modern marketing is a blend of science, art and human behaviour. It creates sustainable growth fuelled by a customer obsessed culture.

Hear from Kelly Ryan on her thoughts and insights into the changing market and what it has meant for TCS, as well as her predictions on how companies may adjust to entering back into normality. 

Michelle Stephenson (Marketing Director, APAC) 

Michelle joined Adobe last year to head up ANZ Marketing. Prior to Adobe Michelle headed up marketing functions across banking and IT industries at both CBA where she was General Manager of Marketing for the business bank and Dell where she led Asia Pacific Marketing for Enterprise.


Just Globals’ James O’Flaherty, Managing Director, APAC, will be taking to the stage as Master of Ceremonies for day two of the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Event (May 27th). 

James will lead the event, by introducing each speaker, as they come on and present, as well as hosting a panel of industry leaders, speaking about the importance of content, through insights and how to make this count. 

We can’t ignore the events of the past year, but how has this seen the market change, adapt and how could the ‘new normal’ look? 

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