What Is Happening To The Destination URL Report in AdWords?


As most search marketers know by now, the roll out of Upgraded URL’s in AdWords, is in full swing. Any new ads that have been created in July are using the Upgraded URL’s format (Final URL + Tracking Template) rather than the classic, Destination URL’s we have come to know and maybe not love.

So far the roll out has been somewhat smooth. Editing your tracking information in the final URL is fairly straightforward and does not trigger a complete review of your ad, keeping all your data intact (a very nice feature.)

Unfortunately, one problem that has been plaguing Search Marketers is the absence of any reporting at the URL level.

Our team has a number of client reports that utilize the Destination URL report to pull in raw data. This past month we found that all of the new ads we have created that utilize Upgraded URLs are not present on this report.

When asked, a representative from Google assured us that there will be a Final URL report feature launched, but the time frame is still unknown.

How Can You Report on URL Tracking Parameters?

So then, what can you do in the meantime? How can you report on URL tracking parameters in the days of the disappearing Destination URL Report?

You can use labels.

Label all new ads that are created to quickly organize and view relevant info on performance and spend.

For example, in the past, you may have used the utm_campaign parameter to filter your Destination URL report. Now, when launching new ads you should consider labeling your ads based on the parameters that you need to filter by. It is an extra step, but one that can save you the heartache of realizing that you can no longer filter your data by UTM parameters (at least until Google comes up with a replacement for the Destination URL Report). You can then use this to supplement any data that is pulled in from the Upgraded URL report.

Check back for updates regarding any new information that will be coming out on the Final URL report!

Adam Nesicolaci
Just Media, Inc.

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