Twitter ROI 2B or Not B2B ?

OK so today sees the posting of the following research in B2B magazine which studied the perceived impact on ROI for B2B companies via Twitter.

Link to the article is here

As expected the reality of proven sucess is very unclear but what appears most evident is that those who dedicated time and effort and seemingly enjoy the media platform are generally those who see it working for them. Unfortunately I think it’s also obvious that we like to self validate, especially in marketing, and will willingly look for success in programs we believe in, perhaps being more generous than we should.

I don’t doubt there are ways to make social media work, especially for those who really “get it” and spend time on it. The question of course is whether that’s a proportion of time that is sustainable or even achievable for most B2B marketers, who in my experience are always struggling to manage thier resources effectively.

What do you think ? Is Twitter really working for you?

Dick Reed
Just Media, Inc.

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