Key Tech Media Influencers – Interesting Perspective

Today sees the very interesting announcement form PRSourceCode of some PR related research about the influence of key media in the tech space. It lists the top five key publications, website and bloggers and ranks them in order of importance.

Top Tech Business Pubs:
1) The Wall Street Journal1) The Wall Street Journal
2) The New York Times2) The New York Times
3) Bloomberg BusinessWeek3) Bloomberg BusinessWeek
4) USA Today4) Forbes
5) Forbes5) Financial Times
Top Tech Trade Pubs:
1) InformationWeek1) CNET
2) Network World2) eWEEK
3) eWEEK3) InformationWeek
4) CIO4) IDG News Service
5) Wired5) Network World
Top Tech Blogs:
1) TechCrunch
2) GigaOM
3) Engadget
4) Gizmodo
5) Mashable
Top Individual Tech Journalists:
1) Brian Krebs, The Washington Post
2) Don Clark, The Wall Street Journal
3) Stacey Higginbotham, GigaOM
4) Chris Kanaracus, IDG News Service
5) David Pogue, The New York Times

A link to full results and article can be found here

For obvious reasons this information helps us as media planners educate our clients with additional insight and key facts supporting the use of different media vehicles within our plans. One obviously assumes that media owners who attract and audience do so with quality content however it’s also obvious that certain brands and their editorial contributors do have higher value for the audience.

Of most note to me personally are the following…

  • Network World and eWEEK – more influence than CIO Magazine.
  • That the top tech journalists are all from not tech publishers
  • No place for Walt Mossberg of WSJ in this journalist list
  • The high placing of the new Bloomberg BusinessWeek – impressive for a magazine who was so badly run down just six months ago.

Definitely food for thought and perhaps a wake up call for some brands….

Dick Reed
Just Media, Inc.

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