John Langstone

EVP, Creative & Content

"Surround yourself with people you can learn from and whose work inspires you."

John Langstone is Just Global’s EVP of Creative and Content and is the former Creative Director and co-founder of Enigma Marketing, a leading and award winning global marketing agency. With nearly three decades of experience, John has been responsible for the creative direction and delivery of concept development, brand identity, video and animation, editorial and copy and ABM persona development at Enigma.

How do you define meaningful growth?
Building a creative team that challenges the ‘B2B normal’. We aim to bring new ideas and insights to our customers brands and strive to deliver award winning, authentic creative.

What’s the deeper purpose to your work?
Surround myself with people I can learn from and whose work inspires me. And first and foremost, never stifle anyone’s ability. To build an engaged and inventive creative team delivering campaigns that are impactful, award winning and results driven that compliment all the great brands we work with.

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