Joe Parente


“Whether it’s learning a new personal skill or helping your client grow their brand awareness, the reasoning behind the growth always has a greater goal in mind.”

After ten years of working in public accounting, Joe made the switch to advertising and hasn’t looked back. Can you blame him? Since making the switch, Joe has worked with some of the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge marketing agencies.

Prior to joining JUST as Chief Financial Officer, he served posts at Razorfish, Essence, and Hero Digital. His collective 20 years of experience helps Joe bring a forward-thinking mindset and strategic business planning to support the growth of JUST.

His leadership has made incredible strides for our business resulting in triple-digit revenue growth. From internal processes and agency management to predictive modeling and innovative profit-sharing initiatives, Joe has been a vital leader at the agency. With a passion for puzzles and problem solving, there is never a challenge too great or an equation too large.

Perhaps one of Joe’s greatest strengths is his ability to put a smile on your face – as the creator of our Monthly and Quarterly Employee Awards, he has done tremendous work in perpetuating the JUST values and building a team culture. What we appreciate the most about Joe is that he is always doing what he can to put our people in a position to succeed and put forward great work. In fact, we love him so much that his nickname around here is CFJoe.

Joe is an avid sports fan and is never too embarrassed to listen to Yacht Rock radio.

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