Daisy Holloway

Head of Digital Marketing

"Innovation is the best way to spice up your life – and your marketing"

Daisy Holloway is JUST’s Head of Digital Marketing, based in the UK. Daisys role involves being at the heart of every major conversation regarding client planning, working closely with the creative, strategic and client services functions in order to provide the best framework for success.

Starting with initial planning, her responsibilities extend right through from campaign creation, implementation and delivery, extending to reporting, optimisation and identifying meaningful insights that affect and continually improve performance of integrated activity.

Daisy has been part of Enigma for over 3years and has been extremely successful within her role, as well as growing the Digital team overall.

How do you define meaningful growth?
Whether you are talking personally or professionally, to me growth means not being afraid to try new things, and learning from your experiences to drive continual improvement.

What’s the deeper purpose to your work?
Work shouldn’t just be about achieving results, it should enable you to build relationships and help achieve your personal goals.
By working together, playing to each other’s strengths, we can deliver business results and personal growth for all involved.

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