Just Media’s New Analytics-as-a-Service Solution Delivers Big Media Data Insights

Solution delivers big-agency analytics tools to in-house marketing teams and media consultants looking to generate more efficient campaign results.

Emeryville, CA – Just Media today announced the public launch of a new Analytics-as-a-Service solution. Designed especially for marketing teams and independent media consultants looking to add a layer of sophistication to campaign tracking and analytics, the new service delivers performance insights through a single view of the truth for digital media campaigns.

“Most digital marketers who do media planning and buying in house, as well as many independent media consultants, don’t have access to media technology tools used by big media agencies and Fortune 500 companies,” said Dick Reed, CEO of Just Media. “Through years of experience, we’ve developed tools, processes and methodologies we can now offer at scale. Big data insights beyond site analytics shouldn’t be limited to the big guys. In fact, being able to save time and money is even more important for companies that don’t have unlimited marketing budgets.”

First developed in beta for a select few customers, including cloud collaboration leader Box, Inc. and one of the hottest Software-as-a-Service providers, Just Media employs a powerful combination of the most cutting-edge media technology platforms and human expertise to deliver the Analytics-as-a-Service solutions. Technologies, such as advanced ad servers, attribution modeling, programmatic media buying platform tools, are crossed with deep insights and optimization recommendations from analytics experts. This dual-approach to harnessing data delivers customers a much more efficient use of media dollars, not to mention time saved.

“Marketing analytics continues to get more complex with ever deepening granularity and that’s especially true when it comes to understanding the effectiveness of media campaigns,” stated Scott Fingerhut, Vice President, Lead Generation at Box. “There’s so many nuances to think about and to try to make sense of that we decided to work with experts that could capture, analyze and distill information back to us in a consumable and actionable format. Just Media gives us both the analytic expertise and the deep domain knowledge, a killer combo that would take us years to reproduce and a significant investment. We are able to leverage that analysis to improve on performance.”

Just Media collects and analyzes data to deliver holistic campaign measurement. Key features include:

  • a single consolidated media report for all campaign activity;
  • advanced “cost per” benchmarks against which to compare campaign performance;
  • details of customers responding to a campaign even without clicking the ads;
  • integration of third- and first-party data;
  • corroboration of campaign data with site analytics;
  • and external data experts to help make smarter optimization decisions.

“As an independent media consultant, partnering with Just Media has allowed me to maintain and grow my client relationships by bringing ‘big-agency’ tools to the table through their Analytics-as-a-Service offering,” said Lindi LaBine, Principal, LaBine Media. “I can focus on my expertise of media evaluation and planning, while partnering with Just Media to gain further actionable insights for my clients.”

In addition, Just Media offers additional services that can layer on media-as-a-service executions, such as always-on site retargeting, audience profile targeting, competitive targeting and use of the most advanced data targeting techniques.

With this announcement, Just Media is also offering companies a free analytics evaluation session, including a review of current metrics set up, insights into current campaign reports, performance feedback versus its agency campaign benchmarking standards and recommendations on ways to streamline and improve your campaign analytics process.

About Just Media:

For over 16 years, Just Media is a media-only agency focused on working within specialty markets, such as the technology, electronics, financial services and life sciences industries. Just Media’s expertise is in delivering world-class media services that drive results for marketers based on a proven, holistic analytics methodology. Additional information can be found at www.justmedia.com.

Laia Wong
Marketing Manager
Just Media, Inc.

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