2017 Social Media Trend Impacts: An Agency Perspective (Part 2)

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In part two of this blog series, our social team gives their thoughts on the various platforms and what exciting developments they hope to see over the next 12 months. If you missed part one, click here for more 2017 social media trends.

Microsoft + LinkedIn Join Forces

In June of 2016 Microsoft made a pivotal acquisition that had a hefty price tag, $26.2 billion dollars to be exact, of the social media network LinkedIn. If Microsoft holds true to its intentions, and Salesforce’s urging of regulators to block the deal does not interfere, then there will potentially be an extended opportunity for connecting LinkedIn users’ office life with their personal social media platforms.

What to Expect from the Microsoft LinkedIn Acquisition? 

  • Sponsored Content will have extended reach across all Microsoft offerings.
  • Integration of LinkedIn network and Microsoft Outlook and Office Suite.
  • In-depth data on users, which will lead to more advanced targeting and CRM options.

How This Will Impact You

We can expect to see many changes on LinkedIn as this acquisition is cemented, and actions begin to integrate the two companies. If the integration of LinkedIn and Office Suite happens sooner rather than later, we can also expect an increase in LinkedIn users, as well as an increase in active daily users on the platform, which has always plagued the professional network.



Trends to Watch on Twitter

Though many are predicting the end of Twitter, there are many actions the social media platform can take not only to retain but also grow its user base. In order for the business to survive, it needs to steer clear from mediocre product changes and focus on how to better utilize its real-time feed.

Live-Streaming Capabilities

Similar to how Twitter scored the rights to stream NFL’s Thursday night games, NHL, and MLB games, increasing these partnerships is a step towards the right direction which would lead to an increase in the number of Twitter users.

Measurement Capabilities

Twitter’s focus on their data in the next year is paired with the platform’s advancements in machine learning. At Twitter’s #WhatsNext event in November, they announced a new type of ad using image recognition AI to offer users access to exclusive content by taking a picture of a product. Considering the opportunities of advanced machine learning using Twitter’s vast data set could lead to possibilities for more interactive content on the platform.

So, while we don’t expect Twitter to lead the pack in social marketing innovation in the next year, there are some positive signs that the platform has more potential to offer: driving more users to the platform on a daily basis and offering more ways for advertisers to connect with their potential customers.



Expiring Content on the Rise

Attracting attention online is an ongoing battle between brands with big budgets and savvy marketers with little cash but strategic hacks for social media. The challenge is standing out and gaining attention. But Snapchat took a different approach with expiring content and unleashed a beast of urgency to the content table.

Due to the astronomical success that Snapchat has experienced in 2016, many of its competitors are introducing features inspired by the ephemeral messaging app. So far, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have all ‘borrowed’ Snapchat features.

Expiring content is a trend you may need to be testing your upcoming campaigns. Social media is no longer an afterthought it’s an ongoing experiment in communication agility and it’s critical advertisers keep looking at innovation. It’s now a major business tactic and in many cases the fastest growing advertising channel for our clients.


Snap Inc’s IPO: Picture Perfect or Future Flop?

Snap Inc. is working on what is projected to be the highest valued initial public offering ($25 billion!) in the US market since 2014. The company will be in a position where it has to meet certain revenue projections on a quarterly basis, with advertising services playing a pivotal role in this revenue stream. Based on the company’s most recent attempts to introduce advertising on the platform, it is clear that certain structures and capabilities will need to be implemented and addressed come 2017:

  • Self-service ads/reporting manager: Campaign setup, management and reporting needs to be accessible and seamless for advertisers of all size that are handling paid social campaigns in-house in order to ensure that budgets are driving intended performance.
  • Expanding the current user base: Snap Inc has a sweet spot with users ages 18 – 24, but if it plans to attract more advertisers it will have to expand its user base to appeal to companies that aim to target users outside of this demographic.
  • Robust targeting options: First party data provided by users is minimal compared to other social sites, so Snap Inc will need to get creative in building out targeting options for advertisers that extend past age, gender and location.




What trends do you anticipate will take the industry by storm in 2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you are interested in scheduling some time to discuss your paid social media needs, our team would love to geek out with you.


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