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This Isn’t Your Father’s TV

Twenty years ago, the TV advertising landscape looked very different than today. The average American household had access to 28 TV channels and brands like Fox, Nickelodeon and TNT were start-ups. Today, Americans have over 160 channels and watch networks like the Military Channel, ESPNU and Adult Swim…

Stefanie Feilinger

Super Bowl Advertisers turning to Digital Media

Are you ready for some football!? Super Bowl XLVIII is rapidly approaching – with advertising to prove it! As we are well in our way into 2014, the annual NFL Super Bowl championship is one of the most exciting days of television each year – not only for the fans of the competing teams, but all football fans rooting…

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You Get What You Pay For

I recently read a white paper entitled “How To Spend The Minimal Effective Amount on Media” from Networked Insights. The conclusions, that it’s now possible