Facebook Looking to Strengthen Its Metrics

Update from the Just Media Paid Social Team:

In early September, Facebook announced that the company’s video view metrics had been reported incorrectly for over two years. On Wednesday, November 15th, the company also announced they were over-reporting time spent on Instant Articles. These data issues have left some advertisers skeptical of the metrics that Facebook is reporting.

In efforts to create clarity in the data they provide, Facebook has shared the following initiatives with Just Media:

1)  Increasing Third-Party Verification

Facebook has a long history with global industry leaders like Nielsen, comScore, and Moat, to prove they are driving value for their advertisers; but they are now exploring additional third-party verification systems in order to fully validate the data. Additionally, the company is extending services with Moat and newly partnering with Integral Ad Science to verify display impression data, which will help measure the amount of time ads viewed on screen.

At Just Media, we have partnered with both Moat and Integral Ad Science across multiple clients for viewability and fraud detection. In the past two years, many DSP’s have been partnering with viewability providers to provide insight on traffic and ensure ads are actually being seen. We are thrilled to see Facebook taking this same step.

2)  Partnering with Industry Leaders to Build Better Measurement Solutions

Facebook will be implementing a Measurement Council to provide brands and agencies a voice into measurement products and partnerships in order to address data issues in an ever-changing social landscape. The company is committed to tailoring products and services to fit the needs of every advertiser’s goals, but most of all, identifying true business value for companies who are having a hard time justifying the costs involved in Facebook advertising.

3)  Communicating More Frequently About Metric Updates and Changes

Facebook is enhancing the communication process between brands and agencies to ensure all metrics are clear and up-to-date. Similar to the News Feed FYI, Facebook is in the process of building out a Metrics FYI communications channel to provide a deeper explanation of the evolution of metrics.

At Just Media, we are media geeks that are committed to providing a clear and transparent voice to tell our clients’ stories. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Facebook to deliver clarity and confidence about the insights provided as the platform’s metric system continues to evolve – and, most importantly, to drive our clients’ businesses forward.

S E A N  B R E N N A N
Paid Social Campaign Manager



Sources: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2016/11/an-update-on-metrics-and-reporting/

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