2018 Social Trend Forecast Part 2

In part two of this blog series, our social team gives their thoughts on the various platforms and what exciting developments they hope to see over the next 12 months. If you missed part one, click here for more 2018 social media trends.

Optimizing Ad Campaign Budgets

A new feature coined as ‘Campaign Budget Optimization’ is currently being tested in the Facebook Ads Manager. The Campaign Budget Optimization feature provides you with the flexibility you need in your campaign to optimally spend your ad dollars. This is achieved by Facebook automatically and continuously finding the best available opportunities for results across all of your ad sets, and distributing your budget accordingly. What this means is an elimination of spending budget in Ad Sets that are not performing as well as others. By utilizing this feature, you can think of your budget as a fluid between ad sets to continually fuel targeting tactics primed to deliver the results you desire. You still will have the capability to set spend limits on your ad sets, but doing so lessens the flexibility of the delivery system. This feature is expected to be available to all advertisers in 2018.


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J O N A T H O N   F U N N E L L


Top 2018 Facebook Updates to Watch

As Facebook’s News Feed continues to get more cluttered with ads, diminished inventory will drive the platform to open up new ad spaces, and force advertisers to adjust. Now that targeting capabilities and ad types are virtually the same on Instagram, advertisers will head more to this less cluttered platform for driving a variety of goals, including conversions. In efforts of improving the overall user experience, there will be lower organic reach for lower quality content. Engagement bait content and low-quality websites will be impacted as fewer people will see this lower quality of content.

In 2018 we’ll see a rise in chatbots, including Facebook Messenger. Messenger ads may become more prominent given the opportunity to move users through the conversion funnel instantaneously, faster than automated email or purchasing through a website. The challenge for advertisers, however, will be to avoid appearing spammy to audiences. We recommend A/B testing messaging and aligning creative to target audiences to ensure strong performance from these ad placements.


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L E S L I E   B E I G H T L E R  &
A L E N E Y   C H A N



Transparency and authenticity are of the upmost importance when advertising on Facebook, especially with fake news being a hot topic in recent events. In the fight against fake news, Facebook has released many updates concerning their advertising efforts which includes further transparency and authenticity. Moving forward, “users will be able to click ‘View Ads’ on a Page and view ads a Page is running on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger — whether or not the person viewing is in the intended target audience for the ad.” This new initiative is important to note for brand safety as all ads will be on display for users to see on their Facebook Pages. Additionally, many companies leverage national events such as elections to garner more engagement on their ads, however with this new update which will strengthen enforcement against ads that violate their policies, advertisers will be required to verify their identity and provide clear disclosures.



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Facebook is testing an app feature called ‘Today In’ in limited markets where users can view city-specific events and local news. This feature will provide users a locally focused experience if they need a break from the traditional News Feed. If the feature performs well in the test markets and there’s a global roll out, it’s possible ‘Today In’ could be an ad placement option for advertisers. This could also possibly birth a new detailed targeting option like event targeting. All are great options to expand advertisers’ reach and ensure they’re engaging with their target audience.


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A S I   A S U A M A H



How B2B Brands can Evolve with Facebook

B2B brands can be hesitant to utilize Facebook, but with upcoming changes and enhanced features this platform promises to be one that will allow B2B advertisers to thrive in 2018. Facebook offers cost efficient inventory, a myriad of targeting capabilities and maintains a strong level of daily usage across the globe. Facebook is a great way for B2B brands to distinguish themselves across the advertising landscape.

In 2018 and beyond, Facebook will continue to evolve, include new offerings and change the way the platform operates as a whole. A few tactics clients should consider are: testing video units as well as other ad types, including Instagram in their media mix, and being more strategic in their targeting. Using these new features, running with engaging content and boosting posts are just a few ways that B2B clients can shine in the platform and enhance their marketing strategy in 2018.


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T Y L E R   P R I C E  &
S Y D N I E   P A T T E R S O N



7 Reasons Why Video is the Future of Marketing

Video marketing will increase due to popularity in 2018, statistics reveal more than 80% of customers are more engaged during and after watching the video content. The content from video gives users better visual thoughts on the product and services which influences their buying behavior that leads to more sales and conversions.  Users will be more engaged and have a clear understanding of the product and service.

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A Sneak Peek at Instagram in 2018

2017 was the year of Social Media stories disrupting the industry. This has created room for advertising within stories and new way to reach audiences. Instagram has created multiple objectives for the story ad format like conversions, video views, traffic and more. Not only are you able to optimize towards objectives, but the capabilities and metrics are constantly expanding, only leading to more ways to connect with potential customers in creative ways.


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L I N D A   O R D U N O



What trends do you anticipate will take the industry by storm in 2018? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you are interested in scheduling some time to discuss your paid social media needs, our team would love to geek out with you.



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