The Ever-Expanding Holiday Shopping Week

Coming off the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, it seems that this year was the year for adding new “Days” of significance to shoppers and marketers.  Below is a quick breakdown of the days that currently exist, including 2 new additions this year:

– Gray Thursday – (New This Year)
– Black Friday
– Small Business Saturday
– Cyber Monday
– Giving Tuesday – (New This Year)

In my opinion, ONE is absurd, while the other is brilliant.

Gray Thursday (a.k.a Thanksgiving)

As if Black Friday is not stressful enough (or enjoyable if you’re into it) – consumers have been given another anxiety filled day to hunt down bargains. While large retailers might think this a great for their bottom line, what does it mean for their employees? It mean’s instead of enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday with their friends and family, they now have to go into work to support this “Gray Thursday” taking the place of Thanksgiving.

Giving Tuesday

This is one I can get behind!

“The organizers behind Giving Tuesday, created in 2012 as an answer to the consumer-focused Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events, is meant to get folks as excited about giving back as they are about scoring the best bargains of the year. The idea is that consumers, rather than hit the stores or online retailers on Dec. 3, will take time to find a charitable cause worthy of their support.”

The amount people spend during this shopping week is insane – let’s give back and make a purchase that won’t cause buyer’s remorse. Sounds great right?

This only leaves ONE day left of the shopping week up for grabs, to which I propose “Social Media Sunday”

Just Media has many clients that capitalize on this week, implementing marketing strategies that are solely based around these popular shopping days. A lot of the time, these strategies include a heavy social media presence. The Sunday before “Cyber Monday” proved to be a large day to invest in for our clients this year, knowing that shoppers are likely doing their research in the hours leading up to Cyber Monday – and who doesn’t love to receive offers while browsing through their social channels?

Just a fun thought, but my guess is someone is already coining a term for this one remaining day.

We shall See 😉

Happy Holidays!

Nyla Murphy
Just Media, Inc. 


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