To Click or Not to Click: “Conversion-Worthy” Ad Copy

SEM is used more and more by businesses today to increase visibility, online presence and to drive the most conversions at the most efficient cost. The question every SEM marketer asks himself / herself is “how do I get the user to click on my ads and find value in the messaging and/or product/service?” With this, one of the key essentials is applying and testing the most “conversion-worthy” ad copy. A recent Search Engine Watch story offers some strong guidance on the conversion formula. Here’s the gist…

There are many important things to consider when creating ad copy, including who you are targeting as well as the benefits and value you can provide through your messaging. While writing persuasive ad copy can seem daunting, spending time to define your target audience and their pain points usually allows you to determine what motivates them, the benefits important to them and how to direct them to make a decision.

The questions we need to answer are fairly simple:

  • Why the user should buy from us
  • What makes our products and services unique to address their pain points

Tailoring ad copy to specific products, services, and even informational white papers is key when aligning your messaging to potential customers. It goes without saying, but also making sure your value proposition is clear helps users to know exactly what they are getting in return for filling out the annoying form submission of their personal information once they hit the landing page (read: set landing page expectations in the ad copy before a user even gets there).

For example, say you were writing ad copy for a new product/solution for a cyber security company. As the advertiser, you want to convey to the user how your company can help them solve their cyber security problem, and why your cyber security company’s solution is better than the rest.  You also know that this particular user has visited some informational landing pages on your site and has downloaded a couple of white papers around Ransomware. The next ad that you would serve this user would include specific headlines around Ransomware addressing value gained and “next step messaging” in the Call-to Action.


This ad above would then lead to a landing page with the Informational Guide with Ransomware Response Strategies. Being specific, creating value, and using “next step” messaging in your ad copy will improve the likelihood conversion. While creating conversion-worthy ad copy can seem difficult, following basic guidelines will dramatically improve your search performance. And who doesn’t like better performance!


N I C K   S C H E N K
Search Marketing Specialist, Austin




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