Highlights from CES 2013

January in Las Vegas has become a mecca of Consumer Electronic Connoisseur’s hoping to get their first peek at what’s new.  Consumer Electronic companies come from all around the world to display their newest + coolest technology at CES.   From celebrity appearances, cool robots, new innovations in television technology and a line of smart appliances that allow you to catalog your groceries; CES 2013 provided a little bit of everything.


Who doesn’t love a cool robot?

This is one cool car!

How cute are these mascot birds at the ViewSonic booth?!

Reality Television Stars wait in Taxi Lines too! (Seth from Hardcore Pawn)

Meeting Travis Barker @ the Pioneer Booth was pretty cool!

The Samsung booth was pretty cool for CES attendees.  They were giving away Samsung cell phone cases along with giving away printed mugs + T-shirts with your very own picture on it.  Pretty neat way to generate buzz around their booth!

Bringing efficiency into the consumer home was LG’s line of Smart Appliances using Smart Thinq Technologies.  This technology allows you to be able to catalog your groceries by simply scanning the receipt and or barcode.  The Smart Shopping feature allows you to create a shopping list by selecting from foods you have in your inventory.  Anything to help with making our every day lives a little bit easier.

Until CES 2014!

 Laia Wong
Just Media, Inc.

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