The Power of Search Meets the Power of Video: Next Steps to Unleashing Opportunity

Google x YouTube

In today’s world of vast media consumption sources, customers self-nurture through the buying process. At Just Media, we see it as our job to help clients build an infrastructure that leverages disparate data sets and technology to facilitate the self-nurture process through media and messaging. In fact, it’s at the heart of our philosophy in working with clients. That’s why we love it when new techniques become available to us in the market. With video being such an impactful medium, we are extremely excited that Google recently announced new targeting techniques marrying search data with video delivery.

Information associated with peoples Google accounts, such as search data history and demographic data, can now be used to target people on YouTube. With search being one of the top drivers of ROI for many brands, we’re hoping that YouTube continues to manifest itself as a must-have on every advertising plan. After all, people spend more time on YouTube than any other platform outside of Facebook, where we’ve had success leveraging different data sets to drive ROI for both B2B and B2C clients.

This adds a new element to work we already have under way for our clients. We’ve partnered with leading predictive analytics companies and third party data sources to identify the right people and companies to target – and to meet them where they are in the buying process. Through much testing and learning, we’ve worked to develop custom integrations that empower our marketing platforms team to activate very granular audience segments across a number of channels: display, native, social, video, and web.

But, as we like to say, people don’t see media, they experience brands. We believe that creating a connected experience helps build relevant brands that rise above today’s steep competition. Gone are the days of just trading “any content” to generate a lead. Not to knock white paper downloads, but they’re no way to build a leading brand. At Just Media, we encourage our clients to engage prospective customers by creating more meaningful content – content that helps customers understand how our clients will enrich their lives.

Here are three things you can do to get underway with these new capabilities on YouTube as part of your overall Connected Experience:

  1. Take inventory of your existing video and align, edit or create new content according to what people are searching for
  2. Implement the appropriate KPIs and ensure you have tracking in place to measure the impact these efforts have on your business (be it brand or demand)
  3. Set aside some budget to test these new capabilities and then optimize your keywords, messaging and landings pages like crazy


A J   R E S N I C K
Head of Connected Experiences


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