The Platforms Post: June 2019 Edition

In the June edition of the Just Media Platforms Post, we’ve tapped a few of our in-house experts to dish on some of the key trends to keep your eye on this month!

Google Marketing Live Keynote 2019

2019’s Google Marketing Live keynote announced a number of new ad products and formats including Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads, and the Bumper Machine. Additional conversion attribution features and smart bidding strategies are going to enable Just Media to cater to the specific goals of each individual client campaign, from brand-to-demand.

Contributed by Alec Phillips | Director, Search & Social

Why UTM Parameters Matter

“The use of UTMs on URLs is critical because while you can see metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions in ad serving platforms, UTMs allow you to analyze on-site user behavior. These handy parameters allow advertisers and brands to better understand what sources brought what type of traffic to a website and how valuable that traffic was. Across paid search auto-tagging can be applied but if you are running media on another channel or need to create custom UTMs the following are available; utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term and utm_content.”

A best practice at Just Media is to always use UTMs and when clients don’t know what UTMs to use or how to leverage them, we provide a recommendation tailored to their data usage and media initiatives. Across the search team we prefer to use auto-tagging to seamlessly pipe data into Google Analytics. If data needs to be digested by another platform such as Marketo or Adobe Analytics we can customize UTMs to best fit each client’s data needs.

Contributed by Sydnee Brooker | Senior Search Marketing Manager
Making Advertising More Transparent on LinkedIn

In an effort to bring greater transparency to ads on LinkedIn, users will now be able to go to a company’s page, click on the ‘Ads’ tab, and view all the native ads (the ones you see in your LinkedIn feed) the company has run in the past six months. Members can click on the ads, but advertisers will not be charged for the interaction, and it will not affect campaign reporting. LinkedIn claims this is just the “first of many updates to come” to increase transparency around advertising on the platform.

This update will greatly improve the agency’s ability to do competitive research on the platform. Social listening tools still cannot access LinkedIn data, so in many ways this is our first peek into the walled garden. We will finally be able to see what others in our clients’ industries are doing to reach audiences, and in general it will keep advertisers honest.

Contributed by Jarad Matula, Social Media Manager

Facebook’s Clear History Feature

Facebook is getting advertisers ready for its new Clear History feature that will be rolling out in the coming months. People will be able to see and delete the data that 3rd party sites and apps share with Facebook, much like clearing your cookies.Great for user privacy, bad for platform targeting, as this will certainly affect any audiences utilizing the pixel to pull in off-Facebook activity. How we approach audience strategies on the platform will likely need to shift once this takes place, although we won’t know yet how much Facebook will lose out on data as a result. Our team will be keeping an eye out for more updates on the matter.

LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn is launching live video broadcasting; this engaging feature will allow organizations to post real-time live videos. This feature is not yet available to everyone, but since its beta launch, LinkedIn has seen an increase in user traffic. Our clients can soon be able to broadcast live video content like product announcements, Q&A sessions, and events led by influencers and mentors.

Video Will Account For Almost Half of Programmatic Spend this Year

US marketers will spend $29.24 billion on programmatic video this year, which accounts for 49.2% of all US programmatic digital display ad spending. The forecast is that 81.2% of total digital video spend will be transacted programmatically in 2019.

As more inventory is opened programmatically , it creates a great opportunity for our clients to advertise on quality publishers inventory, on a channel that have proved to provide great engagement.

Leave Your Mark with CTV

“Connected TV is growing at an exponential rate, and the number is expected to rise even more. So where can advertisers include programmatic of this form? CTV opens the doors to the advantages of programmatic advertising by connecting with the targeted audiences that are engaging wherever they are watching. With Programmatic, you have more control delivering the ads at the right time and right number of times.”

As advertisers, we want to deliver more personalized and interactive experiences to viewers. This approach will help us go beyond the standard targeting and get creative with reaching the right targeted audiences. We must continue to learn and test out new tactics, when the opportunity presents itself. Just Media has potential to leave its mark on where CTV plans to go next.

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