Getting personal with intent data

Did you know, some 65% of B2B companies planned to increase their investment in buyer intent data in 2023? That’s despite shrinking or static budgets that were seen last year.

But despite this trend, many struggle to make it work for them. In fact, more than half of marketers using intent data admit their strategy for it is either partially developed, or not developed at all.

Taking advantage of intent data

Let’s start with the basics: why is intent data so important today?

Based on a broad range of online activities and content consumption, intent data indicates a company’s current – or potential – interest for a product or service.

In today’s market, the pros of this speak for themselves: marketing and sales leaders that lead with intent data have an immediate advantage by understanding who is ready to buy, where they should focus their efforts, and where resource should be dedicated. By basing campaigns on intent data, marketers can avoid wasting time and money on those who just aren’t interested.

A recent Forrester survey revealed that over 85% of B2B companies using intent data have achieved business benefits.

Tracking the purchase intent of accounts

To help our clients tap into this competitive research and understand which accounts they should be focusing on, we use third-party intent data from platforms such as Bombora.

Examples of intent data, and the insights we can deduct from the data can be seen below.

Given the ASP and intent data, consider targeting organizations that are mid-market (50-999) or SMB (1-49 employees) to reach maximum results from marketing efforts.

Software (10%), Manufacturing (7%), and Education (7%) are the industries showing the most intent for solutions akin to your own. Consider targeting these industries for maximum results.

The research draws on a range of signals, including:
  • Behavioral data, actions, and interests shared across digital environments from a cooperative of publishers, websites and apps
  • Bidstream data that originates from a publisher’s website or app that passes some site visitor and page-level data during the real-time bidding process for programmatic advertising
  • Behavioral data collected by a publisher’s owned and operated network of websites and apps.

Making sense of this data gives clients the competitive edge – finding businesses that are ready and motivated to buy, before their competitors get to them first.

Super-charging content and GTM strategy with intent data

Understanding which accounts are receptive to messaging – and the messages they need to hear to convert them into buyers – can revolutionize your entire sales and marketing approach, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

91% of tech marketers are using intent data to identify what content should be served within account-based marketing campaigns.

It’s why we help our clients lead with intent data to create data-driven strategies for ABM planning, GTM strategies, and building target account lists. Plus, by uncovering topic consumption insights, we help our clients create informed content and personalized messaging to maximize their effectiveness.

And, by understanding competitor demand and who is ruling demand in terms of intent, we help our clients carry out competitor displacement activity.

The Just Global difference

As an award-winning global B2B marketing agency, we believe intent data is the foundation of highly-targeted campaigns. Paired with our experts, we utilize industry-leading platforms that are highly customizable to provide market, competitor, and customer insights – enabling you to feel and understand the market in order to stay one step ahead.

And by making intent data a priority at the start of a campaign, we build effective campaigns that work. Grounding campaigns with intent data helps our clients to maximize marketing efforts and save money in the long run. 

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Yasmien Mereb

Research Manager, Just Global

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