Why UBM would be right to shut InformationWeek

Today saw published rumors on Folio.com suggesting UBM is going to shut down the print editions of InformationWeek and CRN. If true, then this is probably the right decision for what were once marquee brands in the tech media landscape.

Those who know our agency or read this blog will know we remain great believers in print media. However, in this case, I cannot help feeling that, like recognizing the truth when dealing with a favored, yet old and distressed pet, we just accept that this is a mercy killing of a product line that has long been on it’s last legs.

On my desk lies the Feb. 11th issue of InformationWeek. It carries 13 pages of advertising and a folio size of just 26 pages in total. There is no way this reflects well on the brand. If it was not for that iconic signature logo, the magazine would have passed for a low quality printed bulletin or insert. The content is light, flimsy and frankly uninspiring. The one decent article on marketing’s spend on IT infrastructure ironically underlines exactly why publications like InformationWeek are going out of business. The fact is advertising dollars just don’t support print media anymore in the tech B2B space. This industry has moved on into media buys that put technology front and center – tablet editions, mobile, social communities, retargeting, marketing automation – these are recipients of media dollars now.

So sadly UBM we get it, we know the harsh realities of the market and will not shed more than a brief tear if these rumors turn out to be true…just do us the favor of a sharp decision now the market is in speculation mode, so we can advise and adjust our client investments appropriately.

Look out for more comment on the evolution of UBM as market rumors become facts upon which we can really go deep….

Watch this space.

Dick Reed
Just Media, Inc.



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