That’s Weird. Why would Just open in Austin?


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The fact that we love Austin is not the only reason we just opened an office there. Admittedly the unique culture, atmosphere and charms of this town are well known and respected, but it’s not reason enough to make this our first expansion city. Now there are a number of compelling business reasons to be opening in Texas’s most exciting city.

Talent & Time Zone

Since our focus is on servicing clients across the US, the time zone and location make this a perfect place to service both our expanding East coast and Texas client base. Next is access to talent. Whilst we have an amazing team of over 60 in our main office in San Francisco, the fact is that finding really stand out talent is getting harder and harder in the Bay Area. With this in mind we wanted to select a location that could support our need for recruiting both client ready super stars, like Luke Bone the agency lead in Austin, who has over 15 years within the local media scene, as well as talented juniors who we could train into the media business. Step forward University of Texas. Their media courses are some of the highest ranked in the country and since we already have several Alumni on staff, it was clear to us the quality of the grads they produce and spurred us to now offer them quality media agency opportunities in their home town.

Technology hub 

Next is Austin’s growing influence in the tech marketplace. A recent report from global real estate company Savills scored Austin as the best global location for tech companies, beating out our own San Francisco Bay Area as well as cities such as hot tech cities like Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Dublin, Singapore and London.  With the huge support of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin has seen over $1b in tech start up investment in just the last 12 months. Our own office is located in the Capital Factory, home of hundreds of tech incubators and start ups and perfect for our growing team who are surrounded by the unique creative energy, excitement and buzz that only a tech start up can generate.

South by Southwest

Yes, this annual coming together of tech, music and film has grown to huge proportions since its inception back in 1987 and has really put Austin on the map. With over 200,000 attendees to the various professional exhibitions and events, thousands of artists, hundreds of sponsors and an ever increasing number of launches (albums, films and technology products), SXSW is now a mainstay of the tech industry calendar and one that is set to continue to grow. Don’t believe us; check out the 2015 marketing literature for a ton of impressive stats!

Want to learn more?

If you want to find out more about our Austin office, meet the team and learn about some of our unique media solutions for boosting your campaign performance, please reach out to Luke Bone, Managing Director and Austin team leader;

Dick Reed
Just Media, Inc.
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