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With Just Global’s connected, performance-driving media approach.

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We believe in Informatica's mission to reveal the transformative power of data

Showing them the way

We know your business and customers

We’re well-versed in marketing for transformative brands, like yours. We know your customers rely on your data to operate their businesses. Using our relationship-centered marketing model, we’ll help you deliver the right messaging to accelerate and foster relationship growth.

We are performance obsessed

We’re hyper-focused on how both leading and lagging indicators drive customer lifetime value. Our holistic approach assembles data across varying and complex platforms to connect the dots across channels to drive campaign performance that propels media optimizations, strategic insights and future testing recommendations. 

Fate loves determination

Your Challenges & Our Solutions.

A committed agency partner

We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We’re at our best when we work with brand teams who expect to be challenged and challenge us in return.

Media that motivates

We believe in a connected, omnichannel surround approach to marketing. Our process to creating an integrated, multi-channel strategy is designed with the goal of creating a lasting relationship between you and future customers.

Reporting brought to life

Our analytics team delivers insightful campaign measurement through rich storytelling and meaningful analysis . Our measurement & reporting framework is designed to provide a holistic view and generate actionable insights. 

Informatica Executive Overview

See our comprehensive, holistic dashboards in action customized just for you.

Our Philosophy

Winning client and agency relationships are founded mutual trust, respect and ambition. This starts with setting clear expectations, communication streams and operating models.

That’s why we developed this comprehensive relationship onboarding guide so we can start off on the right foot and that’s why we developed this comprehensive relationship onboarding guide to set ourselves up for long-term success.


Global capabilities

Deep Integration

Richer connections between brands and consumers driven by frictionless integration of media, creative and data


Global teams delivering around-the-clock client service and the ability to navigate multiple global markets

Global Talent

Customer teams of account, media, creative, platforms and analytics specialists work together as one group

Full-funnel Marketing

Full-funnel marketing and sales alignment  based on target accounts, from one-to-many through to one-to-one


Revolutionize Security Operations

Palo Alto Networks is the industry leader and best-in-class offering for businesses as we face one of the world’s most critical threats of all time. We’ve developed a comprehensive point of view on how Palo Alto Networks should market the Zero Trust category.

Learn our strategic approach to cybersecurity trends, your brand’s place in Zero Trust, the cybersecurity buying committee and what you’re competitors are doing.

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