Sticker Packs


WhatsApp saw an ever-increased trend for using emojis and pictures instead of words. Artists from around the world were enlisted to visualize their and their community’s experiences for sticker packs that were diverse, conversational and relevant.



Despite WhatsApp being the mobile messaging category leader, their competitors offered a larger variety of in-app sticker packs and creation tools for users. Driven by the desire to help their users express and understand each other effortlessly, WhatsApp developed an ongoing production process for in-app sticker packs.



Just Global partnered with WhatsApp to curate illustrators from across the globe and develop 35+ sticker packs (static and animated mobile formats) to aid conversation on a range of topical issues. These included motivating COVID-19 vaccination, Earth Day, celebrating mothering, combating Asian hate crime, encouraging mental health through laughter and helping fathers in India to connect emotionally with their children. Other packs focused on events that brought people together such as Copa America and The Euros.



This new content creation strategy allowed audiences a vehicle of dynamic expression while celebrating cultural and topic events. The inclusively globallysourced artist from places like Chile, South Africa, Nigeria, Ireland and Indonesia resonated with WhatsApp 2B+ users from 180 countries. From tapping into global random via packs like ‘Celebrate the Game’ to religious celebrations like Ramadan, WhatsApp has become more relevant to a diverse range of communities, representing more cultural moments and helped more and more people converse in deeper ways.


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