Summer of content


Audience insights and segmentation were used to devise a series of bespoke illustrations and generate leads in the EMEA region.



OutSystemswere looking to reach a holiday audience in Q3 2021 and promote their services to distinct audience groups. Ambitious MQL targets were set for the campaign.  



Just Global undertook market analysis to understand the trends and drivers for the target audiences of IT decision makers and developers and architects.

Competitors were evaluated and creative was developed to stand out in the market, particularly given the context of COVID-19 and Summer staycations. A strategic omni-channel campaign was developed focused on generating leads in EMEA amongst the two audience groups. Channels included LinkedIn, Facebook, email marketing, content syndication, content hubs, and media partner activity. A prize draw also encouraged leads to take action. Content was grouped thematically into four OutSystemservice areas.  



The campaign delivered higher than expected results, exceeding forecasted LinkedIn CTR by 106% and delivering 700k campaign impressions and over 200 leads. Excellent ad engagement and on-page conversion rates were seen, showing the power of the bespoke creative in capturing the target audiences and having the right content appear in front of them at the right time.  


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AWARDS Creativepool | Finalist | Illustration