Grow Beautifully


In 2021, Monrovia needed to reintroduce the brand with updated look and feel and reinforce the value proposition to homeowners who have been drawn to gardening during the pandemic. 2022 build on this momentum by focusing on high opportunity audiences identified by brand study research.



Inspire homeowners to plan and create beautiful outdoor spaces using Monrovia plants during the early spring season when the weather is right in their area to start planting.



To bring Monrovia’s campaign to life we live and breathe their brand strategy: expressing premium quality at every touchpoint.

We champion this in thoughtfully designed, beautiful creative
and in the bespoke selection of tactics, partners, and crafting of audience, and surround customers with the story of quality. 

We use omnichannel brand to drive high level awareness, with CTV and video pre-roll. We leverage YouTube to amplify the strength of Monrovia as a premium visual brand and engage audiences with rich storytelling with incredible budget efficiency. Next, we layer in display and native which excel at driving discovery, and when paired with omnichannel brand we unlock precision control of ad frequency for better insight into the big picture. Paid social plays a critical role – driving interest and acting as a powerful conversion engine. Always-on paid search captures demand and interest and drives users to physical in-store locations.

Seasonality is fundamental in this industry, with the bulk of all activity taking place in just April and May – timing must be flawless, and flexibility is key. Hundreds of static social, display and video creatives were developed and trafficked with careful regional orchestration according to weather, plant availability, growing season, garden center and partner requirements and sales activity.

This tight coordination connects our audiences with the right plants, at the right time, in the right region, at precisely the right moment.



Our depth and expertise in creative and media placement allowed us to target the right seasonal product to the right geographic and target audience.

Our refinement to audience targeting in programmatic and social media produced cost effective conversions while skippable ads in YouTube produced a high volume of impression and brand awareness.