Bringing research to life


Hexagon PPM’s diverse solution offerings provide market-leading technology for the built environment. We helped educate them on various challenges specific to differing verticals –from Oil & Gas to Construction and Energy –which required personalized messaging. Our task was to find creative ways to explain finding from a co-authored Frost & Sullivan report in APAC.



With research provided by Frost & Sullivan, we were asked to develop a go-to-market strategy for reaching key decision makers in a range of verticals across APAC markets for the content, then bring the key messages to life with the most relevant formats to drive awareness, engagement and downloads for lead generation.



We created a plan that considered where our audiences could be reached most effectively –primarily social media –and then took the raw data from Frost & Sullivan. Our researchers found the most compelling data points and our creative team used this insight to develop video and infographic content specific to key verticals. This was designed with a fresh and eye-catching creative treatment for this content to deliver the maximum impact and stand-out v the competitor set.



The campaign delivered targeted media placements to niche decision makers across the APAC region, with more than 490k impressions delivered. Transcreated Japanese and Bahasan content cut-through in hard-to-reach markets like Japan and Indonesia, with leads generated directly from multiple video creatives at levels not seen in previous activity.


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Engagement with social (CTR of .73%)


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