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Dun & Bradstreet was looking to target sales and marketing leaders for their Sales and Marketing Solutions product. They also wanted to gain insight into how their data segments compared to their competition. 


This campaign set out to reach key sales and marketing decision-makers to convey the value of Dun & Bradstreet data solutions.


We leveraged an “omnichannel first” approach to drive as many conversions as possible within the audience group. 


This campaign successfully applied data from multiple channels into one uniform strategy capable of identifying opportunities which otherwise didn’t exist. 


For nearly two centuries, Dun & Bradstreet has provided proprietary and curated data and analytics solutions to companies to help drive informed decisions and improved outcomes. One line of business, Sales and Marketing Solutions, is targeted to sales and marketing leaders looking for data analytics solutions to help analyze customers and markets, effectively target audiences, nurture the right prospects and close deals faster.  The goal of the campaign was to engage with sales and marketing decision makers at each stage of the funnel, educate them about Dun & Bradstreet’s solutions’ set and ultimately drive as many conversions as possible (form fills, calls and website chats). 

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Higher Conversion Rate than Benchmarked
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Lower Cost Per Conversion than Goal


As a global B2B data provider, our marketing team is in a unique position to leverage data and insights within our advertising programs. Our Sales &Marketing Solution Business Unit is a complex one – with a multitude of use cases, target audiences and campaigns to support.  Building out a flexible, data-driven programmatic program has been critical to executing our strategy this year. At any given time, we like to have a variety of data sources, tests and strategies running. It keeps us nimble and ready to support what the year brings, whether it be the next product launch, expansion to a new audience or double down where we’re seeing success. Our expanded data testing has helped us connect the dots between our data offerings and real-world performance. It’s been great to be able to give our product teams’ feedback on data testing and performance so they can continue to evolve our products and solutions.”

Kate Rogers, Senior Marketing Manager, Dun & Bradstreet


From the head-to-head data tests between Dun & Bradstreet and two key competitors, Dun & Bradstreet marketing teams learned where their data was successful and where it fell short against competitors. The brand presented these findings to other department heads and executives to further the impact of these learnings within the entire organization. 

By testing their own products as part of the campaign while overcoming common pain points such as account targeting and maximizing incremental budgets, the entire Dun & Bradstreet business was able to strengthened their competitive edge and improve their product for customers. 


The Drum B2B Awards
Finalist: Best Use of Data/Technologies

Campaign US Media Awards
Finalist: Most Strategic Media Sales Approach
Finalist: Best Data-Driven Media Plan

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