enables you to harness the power of marketing analytics to capture hidden growth opportunities, inform better decision making, and help enhance results.

see the light is brought to you by award-winning integrated B2B marketing agency, Just Global. Our unique process for solving clients’ marketing challenges, the Connected Experience Engine, now includes a new component – our own tailor-made analytics solution. When combined with our robust analytics suite, allows you to align and consolidate your full-funnel marketing data, and drive unrivalled business growth. It’s time to see the light.

We pride ourselves on being at the vanguard of the latest technological advances, and constantly innovate. When it comes to harnessing the power of AI, our agency AI council ensures we’re adopting best practice. incorporates AI across a vast number of processes, saving you time and resulting in thorough, accurate reporting.

Performance allows you to optimize channel and campaign performance in real-time to analyze customer behavior, tailor solutions, create value and improve customers’ and prospects’ relationship with your brand.

Clarity is a platform that doesn’t just bombard you with disconnected information, but offers complete clarity, customizable visualizations, and actionable customer insights – every time.


What makes a game changer is that it comes with a supportive team of experts on hand to guide you. And as your data is stored in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud – it’s safe and secure.

Exceptional people

Our people have years of global experience, are deeply engrained in the B2B campaign lifecycle, and are all certified in Salesforce Marketing Cloud – their expertise allows them to analyze the data and suggest better ways for clients to get the maximum impact from their campaigns.

Latest technology ensures your data isn’t siloed, resulting in an efficient and visual story with each dashboard’s design specifically created to match your needs.

Connected process

The analytics team works hand in hand with other disciplines within the agency, collaborating effectively to deliver joined-up thinking and winning solutions, thanks to our unique Connected Experience Engine.

Common Questions

We offer as part of our analytics packages at Just Global. Because isn’t just a platformit’s part of a full-service solution from an award-winning B2B agency. There is a lot of flexibility, so reach out to the team to find out more –

With, we can easily connect to most of the popular marketing data sources interlinked with each stage of the funnel. This allows us to see overall campaign performance across paid, owned, and earned, customer engagement metrics, deal acceleration indicators, and overall business impact – all tailored to our clients’ needs. stands apart from other dashboards due to its tailor-made design, which caters specifically to the unique requirements of each client. These requirements are determined during the initial onboarding stage via a structured workshop that utilizes our measurement framework strategy. This process involves the lead analyst conducting a thorough examination of the client’s marketing and business operations, understanding stakeholder needs, and reviewing existing reports. This comprehensive analysis is essential for crafting a narrative that accurately reflects a client’s success metrics.

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