Get a faster, clearer picture of what your data is saying with

Data Integration and Unification.

Automatically collect, integrate, and unify massive volumes of data from various channels and platforms for a comprehensive, single view of your marketing performance. 

Data Cleansing and Enrichment.

AI-driven data cleansing identifies and resolves data inconsistencies and errors, allowing you to work with accurate and enriched datasets. 

Smart Data

Data fields are mapped from disparate sources. This creates the ability for filters and pivot tables, making it easier to understand and analyze the data in a coherent manner, and contributing to the creation of meaningful insights.

Real-Time Analytics Through Einstein.

KPI specifications and thresholds enable quick identification of trends, opportunities, and potential issues, allowing Just Global and your team to respond promptly to changes in the market. 

AI-Driven Marketing Attribution.

AI-powered attribution is leveraged through the models selected in the platforms where the data is sourced, helping you to determine the most effective marketing channels and touchpoints that contribute to conversions.


Analysts utilize AI to streamline their analysis, summarizing and categorizing data insights, enhancing and standardizing platform specialist input, and orienting the focus towards action-driven, strategic decision-making.

Advanced visualization and competitive intelligence.

Our advanced visualization tools, combined with competitive intelligence and sophisticated analytics capabilities, enable the creation of actionable insights. This empowers the decision-making process, leading to a definitive impact on your business.

Better performance

By aggregating earned, owned, and paid media with closed loop reporting for optimal performance, allows you to track brand activity in tandem with access to competitive intelligence and account intelligence for intent and influence-based reporting needed to drive even greater results.

A clearer picture

By offering sophisticated benchmarking, your path to improved results is made clearer in addition to in-depth performance details that are easy to interpret and simple to share.

Total integration

We’ve developed to seamlessly integrate with existing CRM, ERP, and other management tools. ensures fraudulent activity is monitored and avoided through visualizations powered by IAS and is built on tried and tested systems from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. That means you can rest assured that your data is fully protected.

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