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Game goes viral on Star Wars Day


Take your first step on the path to SAM enlightenment. Our test will tell you which side you are on – dark or light. Is the SAM force strong in you?


How do you make software asset management so interesting – so exciting – that people want to talk about it and share it with their social networks? By creating content that’s appealing and fun, of course. And making sure it is relevant to your intended audience. Snow Software challenged us to create a campaign that would get people talking and sharing. But not just any people – tech-ops professionals. That’s an audience we know quite well, as we’ve a few of them here.


And so we created a game. A game with four different personas whose inspiration was drawn from Star Wars. Then we drafted a series of scenarios, questions and answers that would tell participants which of the Star Wars personas most closely matched their attitudes to managing software for their organization. Were they more Princess Leia than Darth Vader? There was only one way for them to find out.


After its initial success in 2015, we revamped it and re-ran it in 2017. On May 4th, or Star Wars Day as it sometimes gets called – when else? It was shared widely, you could even say wildly, across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And was even featured in CreativePool‘s round-up of the best Star Wars Day activities. Which we were, naturally, quite pleased about.


These are not the droids you're looking for.