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Real People, Real Help, 24/7


OFX is on a mission to be the most trusted global money transfer provider for global businesses and consumers by combining the best digital experience with a human touch.

The company launched its first website in a garage in Sydney, Australia 20 years ago with the belief that there had to be a better, fairer way to move money around the world. Today, OFX has a unique offering in the foreign exchange market—a simple, seamless, secure digital platform backed by a global team of currency specialists on call 24/7 to answer questions and provide advice. The goal? To give businesses and individuals the tools and support they need to move money confidently across borders and currencies in today’s volatile currency markets.

As AOR for North America for the past two years, JUST works closely with OFX marketing and brand teams here and in Australia to develop and adapt the company’s global campaigns for our markets.

The Challenge

An established currency exchange leader in Australia, OFX needed to find a compelling, authentic way to continue to expand awareness and adoption of its innovative digital offering among North American audiences who live and work globally.


When you’re moving your money across the world—especially in the middle of a pandemic—real help from real people 24/7 can make all the difference. That’s the simple premise behind the company’s new global “OFXperts” campaign.

In addition to offering an unmatched level of transparency, speed and cost-savings compared to banks and other online FX providers, OFX’s key competitive differentiator is its global team of knowledgeable, passionate foreign currency exchange experts, available around the clock to answer questions or assist with transfers.

The idea: OFXperts

What better way to demonstrate the value our OFX experts—“OFXperts”—bring to customers than to show, not simply tell? Our video-centric campaign spotlights real OFX currency specialists talking about what they do and how they do it, in their own words.

Then came the next challenge: how to capture compelling live-action footage in the middle of the pandemic? To bring our OFXperts’ knowledge and passion for moving money globally to life, JUST conducted socially-distant video shoots with team members in San Francisco and Toronto in summer 2020.

Taking advantage of rising video viewership, we leveraged video-forward channels to amplify the story and engage the audience in an impactful and memorable way. Working with OFX brand teams in Australia and the U.S., JUST developed and launched the North America campaign with media buys across YouTube and social media, with a supporting ecosystem of display and native ad units, all driving to custom landing pages.  

Daniel Lorenze, JUST’s Head of Creative, helmed the socially-distanced video shoot with a minimal crew, new safety precautions and creative solutions like long-lens and open settings. The JUST team also designed the video motion graphics, which OFX plans to leverage in their campaigns in other global markets. 

“The campaign communicates how important OFXperts are in supporting our brand’s mission to provide a fairer way to move money around the world to better enable global business and consumer lives.”


Melita DeHazes

North American Marketing Director at OFX

OFXperts by name, OFXpert by nature

Brand Storytelling through Video

We championed our real-life OFXperts across every campaign touchpoint, tying the compelling first-person video narratives to the greater OFX brand benefits of human collaboration, trust and confidence. The real challenge for the campaign was to humanize the OFX brand through our OFXperts, and make its key competitive advantage relevant and meaningful to our audiences. Video is foundational to tell the OFXpert story. The campaign strategy was grounded in knowing where OFX customers are consuming media, and creating a robust series of :15, :30 and :60 second videos (20 videos in all) to nurture audiences across multiple channels and touchpoints.   

Full-Funnel Cross-Channel Campaign Orchestration

Our full funnel, cross channel strategy is designed to engage target audiences with the right message at the right place at the right time through all stages of their journey. We’ve had particular success utilizing video in this campaign as a powerful storytelling vehicle that has higher engagement with the audience and gives us the opportunity to establish a more emotional and compelling connection  

A Holistic Social Demand Engine to Drive Awareness and Acquisitions

Through a multi-platform holistic social strategy, we created a phased social demand engine to drive brand awareness and acquisition. First, we built a foundation by launching brand awareness assets to set OFX apart as a thought leader and expert in the space. We then nurtured users with video assets to drive them further down the funnel and keep the brand top of mind. With prior and positive brand experiences, the prospect then has the opportunity to sign up to speak with an OFXpert. By using interest, behavioral, custom segments, lookalike capabilities, intent data, and retargeting in our audience strategy in tandem with relevant and engaging content, we’re able to strongly encourage users to make money transfers with OFX.

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Building a More Human OFX Brand

JUST worked with the OFX brand team to refresh the brand globally and infuse a more human dimension into every aspect of the brand messaging and look and feel. Our team created a robust library of motion graphics animations as part of our video development, utilizing powerful visual metaphors to help easily explain complex subjects. We also worked with the OFX team to evolve the brand voice and develop the global messaging matrix, aligning all campaign messaging across the brand’s core pillars and value propositions.

The Campaign is Already Driving Impressive Results

The OFXperts campaign has driven a large volume of conversions and traffic to the OFX website, while also positioning OFX as a thought leader in the financial services space across the web. To date, social, YouTube and native video, and programmatic display are driving the majority of new account registrations and transactions across channels. Three months into the campaign, not only did OFX experience their second highest revenue-generating month ever, for the first time North America generated more revenue than Australia, marking a meaningful milestone for the company.

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“We wanted to show the value of OFXperts beyond how they simply support currency exchange transfers. OFX not only has a terrific digital platform available for our customers, but we also offer high-touch customer support at any time 24/7 – a combination that is stronger than each of them on their own. The campaign communicates how important OFXperts are in supporting our brand’s mission to provide a fairer way to move money around the world to better enable global business and consumer lives.”  

– Melita DeHazes, North American Marketing Director, OFX