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Powerful Truths Lead to Powerful Results


For business intelligence platform Looker, data isn’t just a place to find answers. It’s the place where answers and ideas originate. 

The Challenge

Lookeris a business intelligence software and big data analytics platformTheir mission is to bring better insights and data-driven decisions to every business. The brand inspires everyone to embrace their curiosity, dig deeper and keep asking questions. 

Ahead of a multi-billion-dollar acquisition by Google, the brand wanted to make a big splash through high impact media in the key metro areas of San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Our objective was to raise the brand’s profile ahead of one of their biggest moments. 

The idea: raise your hand if you love your data

To demonstrate Looker’s benefits to and encourage more customer advocates to tell their stories, we shone the spotlight on a wide range of Looker customers and the powerful truths they discovered within their data.

We achieved this by showcasing brands that had successful case studies using Looker’s solutions. Our campaign demonstrates how Looker brings better insights and data-driven decisions to any business — from Glossier cosmetics and Casper mattresses to Deliveroo grocery delivery and DogBuddy animal care. 

We illustrate how these successful businesses found true power in their data through compelling creative that leverages Looker’s distinctive brand data visualizations in unexpected ways. Pizza slices become pie charts, while mattresses fit into a bar graph progression. The campaign’s design aesthetic was full of personality and fun, while communicating clear and compelling business benefits.  

Creative and media worked together across animated banners, homepage takeovers, social, landing pages, programmatic, native and YouTube video.  

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Social Placement

Target audiences were engaged through highly sophisticated targeting and were reached with relevant messaging using high impact animations to generate leads and optimize performance. 

Programmatic Display & Native

Hyper-targeted audiences through content-rich native units in high impact placements proved to be the most cost-efficient tactic by increasing overall reach & frequency. Ultimately, these placements drove the highest volumes of traffic to the Looker website. 

Premium Placement

High impact placements appeared in leading industry publications utilizing programmatic retargeting proved to be a success by increasing overall reach.

These powerful truths inspired curiosity

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AVA Digital Awards
Platinum: Digital Ad Campaign | Web Elements

The American Advertising Awards
Silver: Online | Ad & Promo Banner

Hermes Creative Awards
Honorable Mention: Display Ad

Summit Creative Awards
Bronze: Online Advertising/Marketing

Our impact

As creative was produced, new optimizations to the campaign were applied on a rolling basis. We monitored programs closely and quickly made improvements to performance, based on pacing, cost per response, and other key indicators.   

Our video was successful at driving engagement, with a greater ability to connect with Looker in a cluttered digital ecosystem. VTC rates +14% higher than standard.  

Native and site retargeting proved the most cost-efficient tactic in driving the largest volumes of traffic to the Looker site. Adding multiple third-party filter via programmatic reached a very niche, targeted audience.   

Our video averaged +25% higher video-view-completion rates than industry standards as well as 317K video views across YouTube and publisher sites, while native and site retargeting proved a cost-efficient tactic to drive the largest volumes of site traffic. Moreover, our nuanced programmatic strategy with layered filters successfully reached a very targeted, niche audience.