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The standout feature of an integrated sales enablement initiative brought TCS some of their most desirable prospects to an in-person event at an iconic London landmark.

We Love a Challenge

How to inform an extremely time poor audience that needs fresh, credible messaging and content speaking to their business needs? This is the challenge we faced with TCS and their digital solution in partnership with Microsoft. 

As a full-service agency, Just Global have worked with TCS since 2019 on a wide range of campaigns, including this award-winning work from 2020. In Autumn 2023, they approached us to find a way to engage with a specific target audience – senior c-suite professionals at utilities companies. 

This industry had been experiencing a period of disruption. TCS was looking for an innovative way to cut through the noise and engage with prospects.  

The digital solution, in partnership with Microsoft, can enhance productivity by 20% and help companies become more efficient – a game-changer for the utilities industry. 

We had to address key business challenges, trends, and learnings to help support the journeys TCS utilities customers were taking towards a more sustainable future.  

A Winning Solution

TCS hadn’t held an in-person event since before the pandemic – this would be the perfect opportunity to host one. There was a sense that the market had been saturated with virtual events, with everyone missing those all-important face-to-face connections. 

We took the learnings from a successful webinar we produced with them in 2022 and planned a peer-to-peer round table session, facilitated by industry experts from TCS and Microsoft, which would explore three topics central to the issues the utility industry was facing.  

Battersea Power Station is one of London’s most iconic buildings, and was the perfect venue. Its evolution mirrors the sustainability journey many organizations in the utilities industry have gone on. 

To promote the event, our creative team came up with a look that encapsulated the theme of sustainability, using imagery of solar panels and wind farms set against celestially-inspired backgrounds.  

“The creative direction had both an underlying tone of optimism, and a future-ready outlook. We wove this essence throughout the campaign, from the imagery, tone of voice, and the venue we chose. The line ‘The New Power Evolution’ encapsulated TCS’s position as a driving force behind the power evolution, and showed how as a company it inspires, empowers, and facilitates these wider discussions.”

To make sure this was an unforgettable day we included an immersive event – a trip up Lift 109 giving a 360-degree view of the London skyline. All attendees were also given a physical gift which tied into the creative and event themes, as well as a personalized thank you note and QR code to contact TCS for a follow-up appointment.  

This landmark event enabled TCS to create a highly personalized, informative, and memorable afternoon for 10 of its key prospects which focused on their business challenges and needs. 


The campaign’s goal was to recruit eight senior c-suite decision makers to the in-person event at Battersea Power Station. 

In the end, ten attended – 125%. 

And they were all key high-end decision makers from TCS’ target account lists. 

0 %
2x above industry average
Target attendance achieved
+ 0 %

The success of this event has led TCS to ask how we could help them replicate it across different markets in EMEA.  

It was awarded ‘best sales enablement’ initiative at the Engage B2B Awards 2023. 

Pramod Mandhre
Marketing Manager, Digital & Growth, Europe & UKI, TCS

Just Global helped us build an integrated, omnichannel campaign that allowed us to cement stronger relationships with our prospects and achieve our business objectives using a mix of digital and offline channels."

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