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Stef O’Connor

Director, Account Management

The beauty of meaningful growth is recognizing our past, learning from it, and making conscious choices to evolve and create the future we want to see.

Stef O’Connor is a lively innovator and relationship-builder. As Director, Account Management at Just Global, O’Connor has a passion for uplifting brands, clients and colleagues to discover new frontiers that align their greater purpose to the realm of advertising.

Her experience ranges from domestic to international, having worked across the diverse media landscape from traditional to modern day digital. Commonly, Stef is connecting separate marketing departments within large enterprise organizations and building bridges that unite their media, data and creative to reach new heights and validate the promise to their premise.

Stef has worked on categories spanning Virtualization, Security, Storage, Engineering, Telecommunications and Web Browsers including brands such as VMware, Splunk, Mozilla, Trend Micro, Tektronix, Mitel, Box, Aruba Networks, HPE and First Citizens Bank. She’s adept at a multitude of marketing initiatives from major brand launches and mobile app installs, to demand generation innovations and talent acquisition.

Stef’s innate ability to visualize the bigger picture while having a pulse on the details helps her to create impactful strategies, always integrating an omnichannel methodology to media, creative and measurement for exceptional results.

Her true superpower is seeing the simplicity in complexity. Stef establishes structure and communication across disparate disciplines, coordinating major enterprise partnerships, as well as integrating enterprise acquisitions into their new parent companies.

Outside of work, Stef loves being silly and imaginative with her wild-hearted 3-year-old son, enjoys beach days and salty hair, live music, long evening runs, reading, traveling, pottery, the arts, swing dancing, and while she’s not a natural green-thumb, she tries.

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