Ross Duncan

General Manager Australia

"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm" Winston Churchill

Ross Duncan is JUSTs General Manager Australia, based in the Sydney office. Ross started his career in financial risk management before making a gearshift change into brand and communications marketing still within financial services in the UK, working for Credit Lyonnais, First National, Abbey National and finally General Electric (GE Money). By this time he picked up a post grad qualification in Interactive & Digital Marketing and jumped over into the world of leading independent digital performance agencies such as The Search Works and Latitude Digital Marketing. Then came the move down under to Australia where Ross has worked for WPP (Group M) and IPG Mediabrands (Reprise Digital) before joining Enigma as General Manager in the Sydney office.

How do I define meaningful growth?
Meaningful growth is not just about seeing your bottom line get bigger, it’s also about personal and collective purpose and development, under-pinned by a set of values you really believe in.

What is the deeper purpose of your work?
Achieving satisfaction and happiness through the ability and opportunity to positively impact and contribute to your own personal growth, your colleagues, client and wider society.

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