Rita Hill

Associate Account Director

“Living life means that everyday we have a choice to be happy, to be great, and defining what that means is up to you”.

As an Associate Account Director at Just Global, Rita works closely with our Account Management team to develop successful growth solutions to aid the company and clients. This includes designing and managing new processes and workflows, advising on team structures, aiding with new product rollouts/updates, conducting team trainings and more.

She “got the bug” for the industry when she worked on a capital campaign for a non-for-profit that afforded her an opportunity to work with media vendors and public relations firms to promote their initiative. The rest is history!

Her experience ranges from Experiential marketing, Co-op, Print, digital, and Out of Home advertising to client management.

Rita has worked with major brands like Wendy’s, Whirlpool, Allstate, and Walmart to name a few. Being a part of launching fully turnkey cross-channel activations.

Her true superpower is that she’s a natural “people person”. There is no effort needed for her to strike up a conversation and get to know a person, and their brand better.

Outside of work Rita enjoys a little bit of everything from workouts to roller-skating, bike riding, sewing, gardening, moments in the sun, eating at outdoor cafés, and learning new things.

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