Lauren Satterthwaite

Project Management, EMEA

'All for one, and one for all’ - The 3 Musketeer's

Graduating from Bournemouth Arts Institute with a degree in Fashion Studies in 2008, Lauren had always hoped that the career that followed would allow her to have some creative flexibility. Whilst she didn’t follow suit (excuse the pun) with some of the other graduates into the fashion world, Lauren did quickly realise that working for a marketing agency encompasses the best of both worlds. Fluid in its approach to office life – surrounded by studio creatives to bounce from. She worked within database marketing (Information Arts/Harte Hanks) for several years before joining Enigma Marketing in 2016 and has been building on said career ever since, starting at Account Manager, progressing to Senior AM and now sitting happily Account Director level – encompassing what it truly means to be an all rounder in her role, as well as a fully committed team player.

Lauren sees growth, both for the business and also individually, as being a part of an account team where a client ‘s initial project scope may be relatively minimal or perhaps even blinkered in its approach to marketing activity but through the delivery of innovative outputs and strong performance, we are then asked to take more of a leading role in shaping their overall marketing strategies, thus resulting in long term engagements and relationships.

The deeper purpose of her work is developing healthy and positive relationships not only with key client stakeholders but also within their wider teams and business, to best place ourselves as an extension to their existing capabilities. This is also resonates closer to home within the Just Global community too; continuously building upon new and existing relationships across departments to benefit from experience. This combination of knowledge depth and wealth is pivotal to the marketers we all strive to be and the agency we choose to proudly be a part of.

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