Lak Sidhu

Finance Director EMEA and APAC

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up”

Lak is the new Finance Director EMEA and APAC at Just Global. Lak has concentrated on supporting high growth SME co’s. At his previous agency April Six (B2B tech) Lak helped the agency expand by opening offices in the US, Singapore, Beijing, Germany and completed the acquisition of a PR agency.
The agency grew from 30 staff to over 110 internationally. On joining Enigma in Jan ’20 he was looking forward to supporting the agency’s growth internationally.

He was a vital component in ensuring the Just Global creation was executed as smoothly and effectively as it was.

How do you define meaningful growth?
Profitable expansion so the growth will be sustainable.

What the deeper purpose of your work?
Providing finance and commercial support to UK + Australia + Singapore MD’s and Group MD to grow the business in the regions.

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