Kyle Nalepa

Associate Director, Social

Growth with purpose, to me, means growth with an end goal in mind. Be it solving a specific problem, making a certain impact, or achieving a personal milestone, it’s challenging yourself to keep that goal front and center in all the work you do.

As Associate Director of Social at JUST, Kyle Nalepa is responsible for overseeing a team of specialists as they plan, execute on, and optimize paid social campaigns across a bevy of platforms for a multitude of brands.

Kyle’s background includes an MBA with a concentration in Digital Media Management, after which he cut his teeth at an agency supporting small and medium-sized local businesses. At the national level in the B2C space, Kyle’s worked with brands including Snap Kitchen and Macy’s, as well as industry groups including the Almond Board of California and the National Honey Board. In B2B, Kyle’s worked with biotech company Luminex and industry-leading data provider Dun & Bradstreet.

Kyle has been recognized as a natural leader and views his mission as empowering others to do their very best work. He knows that laying a foundation through mentorship, training, and thought-leadership is key to client success.

Outside of work, Kyle is an avid gamer and all-around lifelong student, frequently tinkering with the latest-and-greatest gadgets, visiting natural history museums, or reading about the newest discoveries in the cosmos. He’s also a recent first-time homeowner who is rapidly learning his way around the local hardware store.

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