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Jay Barden

Associate Director, Media

To me, meaningful growth means working from the top and moving down. Understanding your organization’s true goals, and objectives, and then playing your role in achieving those goals and exceeding those objectives. It involves teamwork with everyone doing their own part to lift your organization to new heights together.

As Associate Director, Media at JUST, Jay is responsible for all aspects of media mastery.

His extensive brand experience ranges from leading consumer telecom providers to the largest enterprise IT service providers in the B2B space.

Jay led the digital media efforts for Vonage when this groundbreaking company was the 3rd largest spender in the digital space.

He has made many a friend on the client side by helping them strategically and executionally helping them to grow their business.

Outside of work Jay enjoys spending time with his wife Jenni and kids (Ellie and Danny). Back living in the same town he grew up in, Jay enjoys hiking the different local spots, running into old friends and enjoying peaceful small town living.

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