Jake Whiteman

Head of Video Production

"It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage." - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Jake is Just Globals Head of Video Production. After graduating, Jake moved to London in 2007 where he began work as a producer before rapidly moving into motion graphics. At the innovative Current TV he built up a broad range of skills in copywriting and live shows in addition to his core work in motion graphics. Quickly progressing in his career he became a motion graphics designer in 2010 before moving to a position of senior motion designer and, most recently, Head of Video. Whilst growing his own skills and building up an exciting and varied showreel, Jake has mentored junior colleagues. His key attributes include a breadth of creative vision and a passion for innovation and self-improvement.

Purposeful growth is the  growth that builds on the knowledge, skills and experience that have gone before without being bound by them; that learns from both successes and failures and isn’t afraid to take on new challenges or experiment with different methods; that recognises we can only grow meaningfully if we are willing to go on listening and learning as we and the world change.

Every single project, every experiment, every piece of work I’ve ever created, I’ve done for one reason: To get better and gives purpose to my work.

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