Iain Halpin

Head of Content

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” (Albert Einstein)

Iain Halpin is the JUSTs new Head of Content. He has 25 years of B2B tech experience in a career that embraces brand consultancy, strategic planning, product positioning, and copywriting for companies ranging from the biggest blue chips to the smallest start-ups – and Iain brings all of that to his role in Just Global. He is at his best when operating at the intersection of insight generation, creative strategy and content creation.

When asked how Iain would describe meaningful growth, he answered with the following, ‘Growth is about development: for it to be meaningful, rather than merely onanistic, it needs to serve the ambitions of yourself and your company, your client and the society in which you live.

The deeper meaning to his work is to help brands to be their best, most authentic selves.

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