Survive & thrive: Driving pipeline & revenue growth during an economic recession

B2B marketing has radically transformed in a few short years. Just as we’re moving away from a global pandemic, we enter a bear market with a looming recession on the horizon.
This combination of past, present and future is causing longer sales cycles for B2B brands and leading to headaches for sales and marketing. And with this the need to drive pipeline and revenue growth has come to the top of any marketers’ agenda.
Against this backdrop, full-funnel marketing needs to take centre stage – the key to ensuring long-term, consistent growth in an age characterised by uncertainty.
Using research from B2B Marketing, this webinar will look at how +250 B2B marketers feel towards brand and demand marketing, exploring the barriers and opportunities to leverage how an aligned approach can help drive pipeline and revenue growth in a bear market. You’ll learn:
  • How marketers think about brand and demand marketing in a bear market.
  • The disconnect between B2B marketers and their full-funnel budget allocations.
  • The barriers to full-funnel marketing.
  • What marketers can do to impact full-funnel pipeline acceleration.

San Francisco, CA (HQ)
Austin, Texas

London, UK
Maidenhead, UK