2021 dotCOMM Awards

We're honored to announce Just Global has been recognized across seven categories at the 2021 dotCOMM Awards honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication.

dotCOMM Awards is an international competition honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication. The competition spotlights the role of creatives in the dynamic, constantly evolving web.

Just Global is proud to announce they have received recognition and awards across seven different categories and campaigns

Disability access specialists Cheung Access works with architectural and building firms in Australia to help create more inclusive environments for people living with issues such as impaired sight, hearing or mobility.

The company had evolved in its scope of work and number of employees. As a result, owner Christine Cheung decided that a new name was needed: Inclusive Places. The company worked with Just Global to develop the new Inclusive Places brandmark, using open doors as a shorthand for the welcoming spaces the company helps to create. As a bonus, the negative space between the doors makes a capital “I” for Inclusive.

Our agency continues to work with this impactful brand to expand the mission of their business. Learn how we did it in this case study report.

Dream big. Aim higher.

When you’re a Causeway Star you’re one of many curious, proud and passionate people fuelling customer successes.

Causeway were looking for a new identity that would not only communicate their fresh approach internally, but also elevate their ability to attract a new wave of young professionals. Taking on existing themes of space and a core message of “Becoming a Causeway Star” our UK creative team crafted an inspirational video that acted as the beating heart of the campaign. Around it, we built and deployed internal platforms, an eBook and brochure, new webpages, LinkedIn and Yammer social posts as well as a direct mail piece.

Learn how we did it in this case study report.

In 2016, BRIDGEGOOD received eligibility for the Google Ad Grant program but lacked the resources to effectively drive brand awareness and conversion optimization through Google Ads. Through our internal volunteer program, Just Cares, our team quickly moved to provide pro-bono marketing services to help fulfill their mission.

Just Global began its relationship with BRIDGEGOOD by expanding their reach to their target audiences of students as well as corporate sponsors.

Before Just Global, BRIDGEGOOD struggled with getting their paid search ads to attract the correct users and bring traffic to their site. We analyzed the current strategy and expanded on audiences to broaden their scope.

As goals have evolved, we’ve collaborated with BRIDGEGOOD on website recommendations to increase conversions as well. We continue to optimize performance and actively seek improvement for the keyword targeting and ad copy as goals progress.

Learn how we did it in this case study report.

F5, Offline Conversation Tracking - Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns | SEO Campaign

Just Global successfully piloted a new Global Center of Excellence and Search program for leading-edge multi-cloud security and application delivery company, F5. Through this CoE, we would also execute an advanced Offline Conversion Tracking program to directly attribute marketing to sales.

We collaborated closely with the client to develop a bespoke model for communication, strategy development, and regional coordination. This model took into account the unique client needs based on a centralized global Center of Excellence team charged with unifying the regional approach to marketing, along with the individual regional team needs based on localized nuances and a rich history of in-region performance. Our agency team was able to implement a delicate balance between global standardization and unique regional needs by working closely with all parties involved and sharing our experience rooted in Google best practices and powerful regional insights tools.  

Learn how we did it in this case study report.

Proofpoint, "Hackable Me"- Podcasts | Series

Hackable Me is the podcast that pulls back the curtain on the hacking industry.

What are the origins of social engineering and why does it still work? What is phishing and how is business reacting to the threat? How are online lotharios using similar techniques to trick would-be partners? And how do you protect yourself and the company you work for from loss?

Listen and learn from Proofpoint’s team of cyber experts, as well as a leading cybercrime author, a technology futurist, and a socio-technical analyst.

Learn how we did it in this case study video.

Enterprise software company, Databricks was making waves within the industry being recognized by Forbes as one of “America’s most promising Artificial Intelligence companies”. While the brand was expanding exponentially as one of the world’s fastest-growing enterprise software companies in history, they were still lacking brand awareness amongst their key audience – data teams. Just Global was brought on to develop a strategic plan that would showcase the power of Databrick’s technology, its purpose, and its brand values in an engaging and effective way. 

Learn how we did it in this case study report.

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