Working Well: Just Global’s Wellness Day

It’s Friday. It’s 9am. I’m at the hairdresser’s. And I didn’t take today as a vacation.  

Earlier this year, the management team here at Just Global introduced three global wellness days – an opportunity for all of us to decompress and take some time away from our screens after such an intense year.  

This is not a new ‘lockdown’ concept. Wellbeing days have been a stalwart of the corporate vernacular for a long time.  

According to the Harvard Business Review, organizations need to shift to approaches for reducing stress at work, whilst fostering employee wellbeing and improving business performance.


Sara Foxley, Account Director
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Sara is Account Director, based out of the UK. After leaving corporate marketing in the banking world in 2012, Sara switched to agency side and has never looked back. Starting out at a niche website builder, she quickly progressed to work for global agencies working for leading technology clients, most recently as ABM Director for a London strategy house. Sara prides herself on delivering innovative campaigns that not only fulfil the brief, but that generate excitement and purpose. Outside of work she is Co-Founder of a UK Mental Health Not-for-Profit called Marcom Minds, which will be launching a marketing accreditation in Mental Health later this year.

While this may seem unrealistic, it’s not. Organizations can do both.  

Setting boundaries between work and home life has become increasingly important during the global pandemic, however, this is often self-governed where we don’t have the office commute considerations. Research by Virginia Tech suggests that expectation setting from leaders on what is acceptable and expected in terms of core hours and additional hours can help reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.  

It makes logical sense that if you want a highly adaptive team, then create an adaptable environment for them to succeed in. Here at Just Global we give all our employees flexibility by allowing them to choose whether taking the wellbeing day is good for their work schedule or not, with the option to take the day in lieu if preferred, makes the initiative adaptable and inclusive.  

In fact, it’s had a positive uptick on our employee engagement. The Slack channel ‘Just All’ which communicates updates to all global offices sees the highest number of positive sentiment reactions when wellbeing dates are posted by HR.  

And the good news is… we have more of these planned, with our client’s full understanding, open dialogue and support.  

So, here’s to working well. Happy Friday!  

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