The Write Stuff

Yet, only 7% of marketers think their content is great. We need to fix this. Let’s find out how it’s done.

Just Global has now published the thought-leadership initiative, “The Write Stuff,” to help B2B marketers understand what it is, and how to get it.

In sports, most team managers have some experience of playing the game. The same does not apply to marketing. Marketers are dependent upon quality content, yet few have any experience of creating it. So, how can non-writers ensure great writing is at the heart of their campaigns?

Applying 25 years’ experience of creating every type of content for every kind of marketing, The Write Stuff specifically sets out – in both a cohesive blog series and full downloadable white paper – the things that will improve your understanding of what great content looks like – and uplift your ability to get The Write Stuff.

Iain Halpin, Head of Content
About the Author

Iain Halpin, Head of Content at Just Global, is an award-wining digital marketer with 25 years’ experience of the B2B technology industry. He is at his best when operating at the intersection of planning insight, content creation and creative strategy. With experience in some of the biggest Blue Chips – and the smallest start-ups – in content-led roles, Iain has put together an in-depth outline of the issues presenting themselves and the solutions that could be taken to avoid it continuing, in order to make better content.

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