Winners 2024

Most Game-Changing Solution (Company)

As marketing technology continually evolves, these companies have disrupted the market with their innovative products and services. This award honors the solutions that have been made in the past year.

Most Collaborative (Company)

These companies have collaborated with Just Global at the ground level to create custom creative and strategic marketing programs tailored to the needs of our customers.

Most Collaborative (Individual)

From outstanding customer service to solution-oriented product and service offerings, these individuals have helped Just Global deliver powerful results for our clients.

Excellence in Data

This overarching category name encapsulates the spirit of innovation, dedication, and expertise represented by the individual awards within it. It highlights the exceptional skills and contributions of individuals in various aspects of data handling, from pioneering new analytical approaches, maintaining data integrity and governance, to mastering data-driven solutions. Each sub-award under this category reflects a critical facet of data mastery, together forming a comprehensive recognition of excellence in the field.

Data Trailblazers

Honoring the guardians of data excellence, these meticulous individuals uphold the highest standards of data governance and integrity. Their dedication ensures the bedrock of trust and precision that underpins our work, often behind the scenes.

Data Stewards

Recognizing the visionaries who redefine the boundaries of analytics for our clients. These trailblazers challenge conventional metrics, catalyzing breakthrough insights that propel innovative decision-making.

Data Solutions Maestros

Celebrating the masters of our measurement solutions, these experts possess unrivaled knowledge of their systems. They’ve enlighten our teams and clients, illuminating the full spectrum of capabilities, thereby unlocking the power of data to inform pivotal decisions.

Unsung Hero (Individual)

These behind-the-scenes maestros orchestrate the best possible customer experience through outstanding support services.

Best Regional Partner

This award recognizes the outstanding regional partner whose collaboration, innovation, and dedication have significantly contributed to the success and growth of our organization within their specific geographical area.

Global Partner of the Year

This award celebrates the partner whose innovative, data-driven solutions have made a profound impact on Just Global’s global success. Their seamless integration across worldwide regions sets a standard for exceptional partnership.
Finalists and winners are nominated and selected by Just Global teammates across the world. The lucky winners will be announced on Thursday, March 21 at our Partner Appreciation Party which takes place at San Francisco’s prestigious City Club.


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