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Targeting Master Class: Helping VIPKid Reach the Right People in Real Time


VIPKid is on a mission to bring the world closer together through common language. As the world’s largest online education platform, VIPKid pairs Chinese students with English teachers across the world.


Finding teacher candidates that fit the demanding VIPKid qualification criteria had been a hit or miss proposition for the educational platform. Our challenge was to tap the right pool of potential teachers that could fulfill the VIPKid promise, grow their teacher network, and help create more profitable relationships for everyone.


Using refined audience personas, we connected hard-to-find, qualified educators with VIPKid through programmatic strategies.

Bringing the idea to life

Research shows that audience behaviors and interests are more effective indicators than demographic factors. To avoid the pitfalls of overly-generalized targeting, we devised an entirely data-driven, audience-first approach that dictated where media was bought.

The resulting media spend was distributed 50% to highly targeted broadcast television through Connected TV (with channels such as HGTV, Discovery, Travel, and TLC), with a digital mix creating impact and results across YouTube, native, display videos, and display banners – most of which was run through JUST’s in-house platforms.

Our Audience is Watching This Show, Right Now

Our fluid, omnichannel strategy allowed us to go to market without a defined media plan. Pulling from our deep set of audience data, we found our audience in real time.

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Banner Ads: Targeted Personas

We developed three highly-detailed audience personas: Stay-at-home parents, part-time workers, and teachers (retired and active). We dove into each persona’s media consumption habits, geographic locations, and messaging they responded to.

Native Display: Relatable Content

We boosted native drivers with relevant branded messages to convert already engaged target audiences.

The Final Grade Was a Top Score in Media Efficiency

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American Advertising Federation Awards
Bronze: Data-Driven Media

Hermes Creative Awards
Platinum: Digital Ad Campaign

The Drum Marketing Awards US
Finalist: Best Use of Consumer Insights

dotCOMM Awards 
Platinum: Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns 


Our Impact

We put VIPKid’s brand ideals into action. By exploring new ways to spark curiosity, we created more opportunities to grow their teacher network.

We delivered tens of millions of impressions, tens of thousands of video views, increased site traffic, increased branded keyword searches, and drove a 25% improvement in site engagements.

client Quote

“We are still relatively new to the U.S. market, so being able to stand out in front of the right people was important to us. We have a unique target audience, in that we are looking to recruit teachers to our platform, not sell them something. By using insightful data and specific channels, we were able to get in front of the right people and we hit all our goals for the year.” – Jeremy Cook, Sr. Brand Manager