Life in a Smart Nation


To support ServiceNow we developed an Account-based marketing (ABM) program for GovTech, to enable ServiceNowsales and marketing teams to broaden their engagement across GovTech.



We were tasked to create and develop an interactive asset showcasing the potential ROI/benefits that GovTechcan enjoy if they adopt the ServiceNow HR onboarding workflow. This asset is also aimed at establishing a closer relationship with GovTech, build thought leadership and engage key stakeholders.


Apart from the initial research and insights, Just Global produced an animated infographic to present the story of Digital Workplace ‘today’, and how it will shape the future of tomorrow. The theme was further implemented onto a personalisedcontent hub, which consisted of curated content for GovTechusers to content binge.


This infographicgarnered attention within the ServiceNow Asia team, with many stakeholders wanting to do something similar for other customers.