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Helping OFX Build a Global Currency Movement, One Transfer at a Time


How JUST helped a global currency transfer leader to further their mission and uncover new growth opportunities through social engine optimization and acquisitions.


Most people default to their local bank when it comes to global currency transfers, and awareness is low for specialist alternatives like OFX. Despite a twenty-year history of category leadership, OFX needed to become top-of-mind and educate international audiences that it offers better, more personal solution, though the use of innovative technology, an award-winning app, and local human support 24/7.

The idea: setting a gold standard

Since we were engaged across all disciplines for this brand, we could deploy a full-funnel approach for both their consumer and business audiences.

We helped OFX set a gold standard for social engine acquisition by creating compelling organic content based on key brand advantages which could then inform additional campaigns.


With organic content in place, we then boosted this broad-based organic content to help OFX identify new opportunities and push out hyper-contextual and retargeted content with tailored CTA’s to key audiences.

The campaign included organic and paid social, native, display, high impact units, and a large volume of engaging social videos.

A New Gold Standard

Leveraging social currency for lead acquisitions, we helped the global leader of overseas financial transfers sets a new gold standard.

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Getting Social

We hooked our target audience by boosting organic content based on OFX’s key messaging about money-saving advantages. We used bold imagery and humor to engage and educate audiences.

Rally With Us: Short Form Video

We created anthemic videos to tell the bigger brand story and reactive video content to speak to current world events.

Demand That Drives Results

Our campaign combined targeted creative with distinct consumer and SMB segments to capture lucrative leads with a cost-effective, high-impact approach.

Display That Delivers

We focused display advertising on high-level benefits, targeting specific audiences based on interests and business verticals. We also used conquesting strategies to target users of competitive products.

Retargeting Relevance

Once we knew our audience’s interests, we continued to share the most relevant OFX benefits.

Cha-ching: Consistent Education Made Generating Leads More Efficient

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increase in site traffic

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increase in social engagements


industry creative awards


Hermes Creative Awards
Gold: Electronic Media | Social Media Campaign (Multiple Platforms)
Gold: Electronic Media| Integrated Marketing Campaign

AVA Digital Awards
Platinum: Social Videos
Platinum: Digital Advertising Campaign

SF Big Awards
Finalist: Best Use of Video/Creative Social

Creative Summit Awards
Silver: Financial Marketing

Our Impact

Within one month of our campaign launch, OFX saw an 11% increase in site traffic and a 321% increase in social engagements. While overall metrics surged, the cost-per-session (CPS) and cost-per-click (CPC) were also significantly lower than all platform benchmarks. This level of engagement highlighted that the audience was actively engaged and wanted more OFX content.