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Observability for All


New Relic underwent a dramatic simplification of their product portfolio from eleven SKUs to just three powerful, comprehensive products in one unified platform: New Relic One. This meant that 100% of their customers would simultaneously transition to a new user interface and new predictable pricing model. 



The “Observability for All” campaign had to first reach a niche and savvy group of developers, often adverse to digital retargeting, and then authentically communicate the new brand value. The campaign was founded around engagement and education, reinforcing New Relic’s focus on user experience and how customers perform business.  

The idea

In order to reach the niche marketing adverse audience, we had to create a media plan that was hyper-focused on channel platforms that developer communities spend their time.

Bringing the Idea to Life

A major tenet of the strategy was a renewed commitment to developers at a grassroots level by providing a robust free tier to encourage usage and adoption. This was paralleled in media through native communities to support educational resources and drive lead generation.  

Additionally, with New Relic migrating many of their offerings to open-source licenses, engagement with a broader developer community was vital. As such, the campaign found their audience through underutilized channels like Reddit and content specific podcasts. 

Cross-Platform Video Storytelling​

Video storytelling was leveraged for brand awareness, with the campaign launch predominately focused on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, video display ads and Connected TV.  

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Premium Partnership with Developer Media

The campaign aligned with traditional, developer focused publishers that act primarily as forums and discussions, as well as resources to be aligned with relevant content such as partnering with a Code Project, a member of the Developer Media family. A prominent homepage unit, built custom to demonstrate usability, led to a customer landing page with a product deep-dive. 

New Relic Custom Landing Page for Code Project

Custom Unit Landing Page

Custom Homepage Unit

Social Media

Social media was heavily relied upon as those platforms are built for engagement, including Twitter and Reddit for their conversational tone, and LinkedIn for contextual alignment and targeting capabilities. Initially introduced as a test platform, Reddit performance proved effective at generating new sign-ups and now a priority platform for organic efforts and other international regions for New Relic.


Programmatic was utilized to attract net new qualified customers and re-engage current customers by running branding channels while maximizing site visitation and conversions. New Relic targeted users across various touchpoints and measured the impact of each touchpoint holistically, delivering ads across Display, CTV, Audio, Online Video and High Impact.


Audio humanized the brand and engaged with industry experts and skeptics. These placements focused on building relationships with few but mighty influencers to build trust such as AWS, ‘Screaming in the Cloud,’ Serverless Chats and a custom interview with AMP Digest. 

Data Analytics

Data analytics monitored a wide assortment of performance metric to pivot based on real-time performance. Audience segmentation became more evolved through intent targeting as we moved from brand awareness to lead generation. 

"Observability for All” launched New Relic into their next chapter

The combination between inventive targeting practices and authentically connecting with their core customer base drove major results.

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MediaPost Creative Awards 
Winner: Business Media

AVA Digital Awards 
Platinum: Digital Marketing Campaign

The Drum Digital Advertising Awards 
Finalist: B2B